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Sexual health for men is not only about achieving and sustaining an erection; it also encompasses libido, or sex drive. Major factors that impact a man’s sexual health include age, low testosterone levels, certain medications such as antidepressants and blood pressure medications, high blood pressure, smoking, excessive alcohol consumption, and drug use. Erectile disfunction is also a common factor as we get older, impacting as many as 1 in 5 men, according to NCBI’s, Testosterone Therapy Improves Erectile Function and Libido in Hypogonadal Men.

There are several ways to help improve sexual health in men, regardless of the factors impacting it. Natural remedies to improve sexual health is a great place to start including increased exercise, a change in diet, weight loss and strengthening your mental capabilities which may negatively impact your performance. There are also several medications and treatments available through your care provider, such as Optimum Men’s Health, to immediately boost your sexual health. Common medical treatments include TRT or Testosterone Replacement Therapy, Peptide Therapy, and immunity boosters such as IV Nutrient Infusions.

Low Testosterone, Treatment & Natural Remedies

Top 5 Ways to Boost Men’s Sexual Health

Medications and Treatments for Best Sex Health Results

There are several medications and treatments are available including oral medications such as Viagra, Levitra, Cialis to remedy men’s sexual dysfunction by enhancing production of the body’s natural chemical nitric oxide, allowing you to achieve a sustainable erection. Additionally, there are several therapies that boost libido including Testosterone therapy, Peptide Therapy and immunity boosters such as IV Nutrient Infusions. Testosterone therapy is one of the most common treatments which optimizes men’s sexual health by boosting your sexual drive and increasing the desire for sexual activity, and improves your overall performance in bed. Men with Hypogonadism, a common occurrence as we age that results in the lack of male hormones that play a role in testosterone, is reversible with the usage of testosterone therapy to reduce erectile disfunction and improve libido. As Joe Rogan Says, in combatting the stigma attached to not getting help, “All that matters is what is in your system. If you don’t have it in your system – you’re not going to feel as good.”

Increase Exercise to Improve Sexual Health

Though not as efffective as hormone replacement therapy, maintaining exercise regiments can slowly improve sexual health and additionally benefits your overall health. Exercise increases blood flow and can help with problems such as erectile dysfunction (ED) by increasing the strength of your erection. It also helps increase endurance, which is important for lasting longer during sex and a more pleasurable experience for your partner.

Creating a Healthier you with Optimum Mens Health

Healthier Diet Change to Boost Libido

A healthy diet is important for maintaining overall health, and this includes sexual health. Some foods that are beneficial for sexual health include oysters, which are high in zinc and can help increase libido. Dark chocolate is also known to boost libido. In addition, eating foods that are low in fat and sugar and high in nutrients can help improve overall health, including sexual health.

Eat Oysters and chocolate to Boost Libido

Stimulate Sex Hormones with Weight Loss

If you are overweight or obese, weight loss can be beneficial for your sexual health. Carrying too much weight can reduce testosterone levels and make it more difficult to achieve and sustain an erection. Losing weight can help increase libido, improve blood flow, and make it easier to achieve an erection. Even loosing as little as 10 pounds is enough to stimulate sexual health hormones. 

Stimulate Sexual Health with Weight Loss

Mental Health to Relieve Stress and Erectile Dysfunction

Stress can have a negative impact on sexual health. It can lead to problems such as ED, low libido, and difficulties achieving orgasm. If you are experiencing stress, there are a number of ways to help including relaxation techniques such as yoga and meditation. In addition, talking to a mental health professional can also be beneficial.

Sexual Stress Relief and Mental Health

Ready to Improve Your Sexual Health?

Optimum's 6 Month Sexual Health Rejuvenation Plan

No Commitment Plan with Guaranteed Results

For many us, as we get age, we start getting feelings of fatigue, sluggishness, our libido, sexual drive and mental clarity drops. As a result, we become less active, often gaining weight and become less interactive with others. These cascading effects place us at a greater health risk with cardio vascular disease, diabetes, high cholesterol and stress on your organs due to weight gain.

Whether you’re 25 or 65, we will work with you on a 3-part regiment to get you back to your prime and living a healthier, balanced lifestyle.

Plan Details

  • 6 Month Treatment Plan
  • IV Infusion Therapy Regiment
  • Testosterone Replacement
  • Libido & Sexual Rejuvenation
  • Weight Loss & Fitness Management
  • Diet Management Assistance
  • Bi-Weekly Progress Check-ins
  • No Long-term Commitment

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Top 5 Things Men Miss & Women Can't Resist

Top 5 Things Women Want in a Man

1. Having Relational Sensitivity

In Psychology Today, Suzanne Degges-White, PhD, recommends showing kindness, understanding and empathy through recognizing that her trials and tribulations matter. As men, it’s easy to dismiss, but mirroring understanding and empathy back to her means more than you might think.

2. Have Independence (it’s not what you think)

Man Intelligence, finds that women look for a man with independence in the sense that they have values in knowing what they want and the ability to make confident decisions. In otherwords, women want a self reliant partner because it signals stability, so grab your manhood by the balls and be assertive.

3. It’s ok to Be Vulnerable

Don’t think we’re asking you to pull out the tissue box and bon-bon’s to tear up about you’re latest retreat with the guys – you’re still a man! Women just want a man who is willing to open up from time to time with his partner, to let her occasionally see the softer side that no one else does. According to WebMD, a Caring Guy is a Hot Guy

4. Dress to Impress

WebMD’s, 19 Secrets Women Wish You Knew, remarks that men need to keep attention to their style long after saying “I do.” Furthermore, “Styles come and go, but men’s attention to their grooming and clothing should be long lasting.”

5. Closeness During Sex

That’s right! Cosmopolitan, a magazine just for women says, “I love to feel as physically close as possible. Skin on skin. Hands everywhere. Hot, slow kisses. I want to feel like we are devouring each other. I especially love when my girlfriend kisses my neck and rubs her hands along the outline of my body.”